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Naaman the Leper


Healing at the river Jordan

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Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: The valiant commander of the army of the King of Aram - Naaman
Scene 2: Naaman examining his hand as leprosy sets in. (His wife is in the background)
Scene 3: Little slave girl from Israel telling Naaman’s wife of the Prophet Elisha in Samaria
Scene 4: The King presenting Naaman with a letter for the King of Israel
Scene 5: The King of Israel panicking at the letter thinking King Aram wants to start a war
Scene 6: Outside Elisha’s house Naaman is furious that Elisha’s servant has instructed him to dip in the Jordan - his soldiers are pleading with him to listen
Scene 7/8: Naaman with leprosy dipping in the Jordan river. (Navigate back and forward between slides 7 and 8 to simulate Naaman dipping under 7 times)
Scene 9: On surfacing for the 7th time, Naaman’s skin is completely cured and like that of a child!

Lesson points:
Naaman was a powerful man - a valiant leader in favor with the King himself, BUT his life began to fall apart when he got the incurable disease of leprosy! (Spiritual application: Leprosy can be compared with sin - it starts small, gets worse and ultimately causes death. We ourselves cannot cure it.) When Syria had invaded Israel, a little maid was captured and brought back to be a servant for Naaman’s wife. She proved her faith by kindly telling Naaman’s wife of a prophet back in her homeland who could cure her master. King Aram provided Naaman with a letter to take to the King of Israel to request his help in curing the commander of his army, and many gifts of gold, silver and clothing to pass on. However Israel’s King knew he was just a man and could do nothing to heal the visiting soldier - he tore his clothes assuming it was an excuse for the Syrian army to start a war! Elisha, God’s prophet in the land heard of his King’s situation and offered his help. He did not answer his door, instead he sent his servant to pass on instructions to Naaman who was furious that Elisha didn’t call on God there and then to rid him of his leprosy. He was disgusted at the news that he was to dip in the filthy river Jordan seven times - his home rivers of Abana and Pharpar were much cleaner. Naaman’s soldiers pleaded with him - if the prophet had asked him to do some mighty deed he would have been happy to do it - but all he needed to do was humble himself and bathe in a river. (Spiritual application: Sometimes people believe they must do something ‘worthy’ of gaining a place in Heaven - but instead God asks us to simply humble ourselves, admit our need and ask him to forgive our sins.) Naaman followed God’s instructions exactly - and on the seventh time he surfaced with skin like a new born baby. He was able to return cured to the prophet with the statement “Now I know that there is no God in all the world except in Israel.”

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  • Publication Date: 09/21/2012
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