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At Eikon Bible Art, we do offer some genuinely free content

Here's a quick summary:

  1. We offer the Road to Damascus story completely free (although you are required to register on our website), but we do email our customers from time to time, but you can opt out of mailings if you wish.
  2. We offer a 3-pack for free if you "Re-Tweet" us on Twitter.
  3. We offer a 5-pack for free in return for a permanent web link from your webpage or blog.
  4. We offer a 10-pack for free in return for a web link and genuine/positive art on your blog along with a link

Pretty cool, we thought so too. We are confident in our product and just need your help to get the message out!

Now we'll go through this information in a bit more detail below.

First off, for everyone we offer the Road To Damascus story for free. You will need to register on our site first, but that's it. The story is yours to use and get a good idea what any of our stories is like. You will find that page here: Road to Damascus

Road to Damascus

Secondly, we will give you a PowerPoint 3-PACK if you Re-Tweet us on Twitter - just email us to tell us that you have done it

Eikon Pack of 3

Thirdly, we will give away a PowerPoint 5-PACK to any user who thinks Eikon Bible Art stuff is so very cool and is prepared to PUT A LINK on their church or ministry WEBSITE or BLOG that points to

Eikon Pack of 5

Fourthly, we will give away a PowerPoint 10-PACK to any user who thinks Eikon Bible Art stuff is good enough that its worth writing a very postitive blog article (including a weblink of course).

For both these last three options, you need to email us the link page or blog page. NB. Also, its either 5 stories or 10, you can't have 5 + 10.

Questions ?

  • What happens if you already have a pack? No problem - you just get an additional 5 stories added into your allowance.
  • What if you already have all the stories you need? No problem - there are several choices:
    1. You could GIVE the 5-pack away to some else, e.g., to a missionary in another country
    2. Or we could send you 5 of our Turning Points movies as digital downloads
    3. Or the Harper story download
    4. Or the Harper movie
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