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Tales of Truth

An expanding new range of stunning visuals for teaching Missionary Stories.

DAVID LIVINGSTONE: "From his early humble life as a Blantyre mill boy, until the night he died kneeling in prayer on the floor of an African mud hut, David Livingstone's adventures were truly incredible! Audiences young and old will love hearing of his great explorations, missionary journeys, and his passion for taking the message of the Bible deep into the heart of Africa".

MARY JONES: "Born in 1784 into a poor Welsh family, the desire of Mary's heart was to own a Bible of her own. After 6 years of saving all her money, she set off barefoot and alone on a 25 mile journey to purchase a copy of God's Word. Truly inspirational story!"

JIM ELLIOT: "Powerful story of the 5 missionaries who were martyred on January 8th, 1956 while reaching the Auca Indians in Ecuador with the gospel".

CORRIE TEN BOOM "With a committed love for the Jewish people, the Ten Boom family in Holland provided 'A Hiding Place' for Jews fleeing the madness of the Nazi Holocaust. Betrayed and arrested by the Gestapo, Corrie and her sister Betsie displayed exceptional courage in the depths of Ravensbrück concentration camp. A truly magnificent and inspiring story of love and forgiveness".

Note: If you are wondering whether to go for the standard version or the animated version, here's the difference: The two versions are the same in essence, however, there is a slightly more content with the animated version. The STANDARD versions are VERY EASY to use - think of them as digital 'FLASHCARDS' - every slide is already a completed scene The ANIMATED versions require MORE WORK and preparation - think of them as digital 'FLANNEL GRAPHS' - the scene 'builds' with more characters and content as you press the forward key (helpful teaching script provided). The special effects make it more dynamic and engaging, but we do recommend practicing before presenting story.

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